Adoption Process


The Team Up For 1 (TU41) adoption process can be initiated by either a family or a team – by filling out the respective application. When TU41 receives an application, TU41 staff and volunteers begin the search to find a good match.

Naturally every child is unique in their own way so every adoption process will have a different set of circumstances.

The Team Up For 1 Adoption Committee uses a check list to help find a match that works for both the family and adopting team:

1. Proximity to school – we like the family to live within 30 minutes of the adopting school so interaction is convenient and repetitious.
2. Communication Skills (Example: some children need a lot of conversation in their team interactions while some children enjoy “taking everything in” by just watching and listening)
3. Mobility (Example: a wheelchair bound child might be better suited for an indoor sport – outdoor sports might lack proper wheel chair accessibility.)
4. Child’s Favorite Sports (Try to give us more than one sport – it gives us more options and most likely a quicker adoption process) *If your child is only “attached” to one sport – don’t push it – #1 Priority is always to make our kids comfortable.
5. Additional Information – Letting us know details about your child’s challenges and personality will help us with the selection process. If there are certain teams or schools your child likes – please list them. But please don’t tell your child any details about the process as we never want to disappoint anyone.

A few extra notes:

Please be Patient – our Adoption Committee is continually reviewing our list of children and teams looking for a “good fit.”

Nobody’s Perfect – it’s very rare that that a match doesn’t work – but if it happens – we will quickly make arrangements to start the process all over again.

Call us! If you have any questions or have suggestions – we like hearing from you!

Please take Pictures and Videos! – We’re always looking for “new material” to add to our website.

IMPORTANT: Once a match has been made – TU41 will arrange for a “Meet & Greet” where your child & you meet the coach and some athletes of the adopting team – and then we go from there…

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